Chicken soup for the soul. Time to thrive : 101 inspiring stories about growth, wisdom, and dreams / [compiled by] Amy Newmark, Loren Slocum Lahav.

Other Authors: Newmark, Amy., Lahav, Loren Slocum.
Published: Cos Cob, CT : Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing, c2015.
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These 101 amazing and inspiring stories about growth, wisdom, and dreams will show you how to thrive -- a road map to living the best life you can make for yourself!

It's your time to thrive -- and these stories show you how! You'll learn how to take charge of your life, make time for what's important, and do what's right for you! These stories, from regular people who have taken control of their lives, show you how to do it yourself. Find new purpose, try new things, and take care of yourself, all while improving your relationships with family, friends, and co-workers.

You'll read chapters about:

* Making your own needs important again
* Carving out time for work-life balance
* Thriving on your own path
* Reinventing yourself
* Embracing adventure
* Pursuing your dreams
* Making time for relationships
* Taking time for your passions
* Learning how to say no
* And learning how to say yes to the things that will make you thrive!

Table of Contents


p. 1

1It's Time to Meet Yourself

1Becoming Whole

p. 11

Jenni Schaefer

2Coffee Break

p. 15

Lucy Lemay Cellucci

3A Road Trip to Find Me

p. 19

Sheila Wasserman

4An Object in Motion

p. 23

Nicole K. Ross

5Just Me

p. 27

Anna Lucas

6Five Minutes a Day

p. 30

JC Sullivan


p. 33

Sandi Staton

8Positivity in the Wake of Adversity

p. 37

Katie Cash

9Crazy Things

p. 41

Ruth Knox

10The Tango of Life

p. 44

Kay L. Campbell

11Along Came a Spider

p. 47

Crystal Thiennger

12Renewed Strength

p. 51

Beth Saadati

2It's Time to Embrace Adventure

13Taking Flight

p. 59

Marsha Warren Mittman


p. 63

Barbara A. Davey

15Right Back Where I Started From

p. 65

Jerri Elders

16Common Ground

p. 69

Sue Sanders

17A Mid-Life Challenge

p. 73

Ann Hoffman

18Mountain Dreams

p. 77

Jill Burns

19Taking a Leap

p. 79

Lorri Danzig

20A Not So Trivial Twosome

p. 82

John Forrest

21Getting Our Groove Back

p. 86

Kate Wan

22My Theory of Relativity

p. 89

Benny Wasserman

23Sweat, Blood and Solitude

p. 92

Krystal Klumpp

24Taught by Teens

p. 96

Rhonda K. Mailer

25When in Rome

p. 99

Karen Coffee Nicholson

3Thrive on Your Own Path

26The Wine Epiphany

p. 105

Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan

27A Man of Letters

p. 109

Ryan Kluftinger

28An Activist Is Born

p. 112

Pat Fish

29A Magical Life of Possibilities

p. 116

Mitra Ray

30Keeping Less, Living More

p. 120

Alison P. Martinez

31They Took My Picture

p. 123

Lorraine Cannistra

32Today Is Your Day

p. 127

Neha Gupta

33The Dream We Didn't Know We Had

p. 130

Linda E. Allen

34Not Giving In

p. 133

Lauren Ball

4Make Time for Your Most Important Customer

35My Mondays

p. 139

Rebecca Hill

36Guest Treatment

p. 143

Paula Klendworth Skory

37Making My Health a Priority

p. 146

Lola Bendana

38Recharge Rental

p. 150

Bonnie L. Beuth

39Race Against Time

p. 152

Angela Wolthuis

40Walking to a New Me

p. 155

Connie Kaseweter Pullen

41Time Out for Better Time In

p. 158

Cortney Fries

42Just Say No-and Sometimes Yes

p. 161

Ann Vitale

43Solo Gig

p. 164

Denise Reich

44Getting Real

p. 168

Michelle Hauser

45Learning to Fly

p. 172

Sage de Beixedon Breslin

5Say Yes to Thriving

46The Summer of Yes

p. 181

Ericka Kahler

47Its MY Life!

p. 184

Marya Morin


p. 188

Heidi FitzGerald


p. 191

Stephanie Jackson

50Learning to Swim

p. 194

Michele Boom

51Eating to Live

p. 197

Connie K. Pombo

52I Left My Pride on the Beach

p. 200

Josephine A. Fitzpatrick

53On My Own

p. 204

Pat Wahler

54Because I Can

p. 207

Sharon Rosenbaum Earls

55Passing on the Sword

p. 210

Sarah LM Klauda

56The List

p. 212

Jean Morris

57Braver than Superman

p. 215

April Knight

6Help the World Thrive

58From Living on Change to Changing the World

p. 223

Mike Conrad

59The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe

p. 228

Jaki Baskow

60Reclaiming Myself

p. 231

Jane McBride Choate

61What Diana Ross Taught Me

p. 233

Timothy Peterson

62Take That, Universe!

p. 236

Courtney Campbell

63Thriving While Grieving

p. 239

Manpreet Dhillon

64Time to Share

p. 242

Denise A. Dewald

65Now I Know

p. 244

Elizabeth Titus

66Finding a Way

p. 248

Judith Fitzsimmons

67An Open Heart

p. 251

Linda M. Johnson

68A Boost to My Confidence

p. 256

Cindy L. Ely

69Love Is Not Pain

p. 258

Berni Xiong

7It's time to Reinvent Yourself

70From Breakdown to Breakthrough

p. 265

Kathy Caprino

71A Future to Step Into

p. 270

Sam Georges

72A Ham Is Born

p. 274

Beth Levine

73Taking a Chance on Me

p. 277

Judith Marks-White

74A Life by Design

p. 281

Marcia Castro-Rosenberg

75Endings Can Be Beginnings

p. 284

Brianna Mears

76Letting Charlie Go

p. 287

Aland Marie

77Nowhere to Go But Up

p. 289

Matt Chandler

78Taking a Chance on Life

p. 292

Sallie A. Rodman

79Countryfied Chick

p. 295

Tamara Moran-Smith

80Small Business Dreams

p. 297

Dianna Graveman

81Dream Life through Freedom

p. 300

Andrea Hadhazy

8It's Time to Pursue Your Dreams

82100 Pairs of Shoes

p. 307

Dr. Buzz M.cCarthy

83A Story of Love and Teeth

p. 311

Anjie Reynolds

84Your Sweater Is Awesome

p. 315

Emily Oman


p. 320

David Warren

86But You Were Just a Cop

p. 323

Stephen Rusiniak

87Seeing the World

p. 326

Janet Perez Eckles

88Breaking the Mold

p. 330

Denise Marks

89Music Lessons

p. 333

Mary Ann Hayhurst

90A Student of Life

p. 337

Chelsea DuHaime

91Fear of Falling

p. 340

Karen Gray-Keeler

92My Everest

p. 344

Shirley Deck

9Make Time for Your Relationships

93You Should

p. 351

Allyson Ward

94First Sheep!

p. 354

Lisa Pawlak

95The Hourglass

p. 358

Deirdre Higgins


p. 362

Kristin Doney

97The Muscle Car

p. 365

Janet Bower

98A New Kind of Life

p. 368

Edie Schmidt

99The Dad Who Dropped Out

p. 371

Geetanjali Krishna

100The Strength of No

p. 374

Loren Slocum Lahav

101Carving Out Some Work-Life Balance

p. 377

Amy Newmark

Meet Our Contributors

p. 381

Meet Amy Newmark

p. 398

Meet Loren Slocum Lahav

p. 400

Thank You

p. 402

About Chicken Soup for the Soul

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